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Commercial Roof Replacement Perth

Commercial Roof Replacement in Perth

Unrivalled Commercial Roof Replacement in Perth

We offer replacements that will enhance the weather-resistance of your commercial roof. 

Over time, you may need to replace your commercial roof. Many roofs can develop problems if they were not properly installed or manufactured. Adverse weather conditions can also damage your commercial roof. If you notice your commercial roof is damaged and needs replacement, you should call Fox Meta Roofing.

What makes Fox Metal Roofing special?

  • Experience is one of the most important things you should consider when you want to replace your commercial roof. We have years of experience in replacing roofs for schools, shops, mines, warehouses and shops. Therefore, we can the replacement properly, ensuring that your roof will protect your business from elements years to come.
  • Our commercial roofing is made from Colorbond, making our roofs long-lasting and resistant to different types of weather conditions. They are also thermally efficient and come in various colours and profiles to suit your building’s design and appearance.
  • We possess a wealth of knowledge in the roofing industry that allows us to help you choose the right type of roof for your business.
  • We offer warranties on our workmanship, which covers repairs if something goes wrong after completion of the commercial roof replacement.
  • At Fox Metal Roofing, we offer billing options that accommodate our customers’ needs and budget requirements.
  • We do commercial roof replacements at a quicker pace, minimising the inconvenience for your business. As such, we will not cause any disturbance to your work environment.


If you need a commercial roof replacement, contact us today to get a free quote.