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Roof Maintenance Services

Roof Maintenance Services in Perth, WA

Reliable roof maintenance services in Perth, WA 

Big brands trust Fox Metal Roofing for its award-winning roof maintenance services.

Hiring a professional for regular roof maintenance keeps your property safe and extends the roof’s lifespan while helping you avoid costly repairs. Fox Metal Roofing is a Perth-based roofing company that offers unmatched roof maintenance services.

We have 20 Years of Commercial Roofing Experience in Perth, WA and a proven track record. That means we have a great understanding of your commercial roofing maintenance needs.

Police Academy Roof Replacement Perth

What is Included in Our Roof Maintenance Services Offer?

When our team of highly skilled roofing specialists come to your property, there are several things that we will check to ensure your roof is in good working order. Here are some of the ways Fox Metal Roofing can maintain your roof:

  • We will examine your pipe boots to see if there is any wear and cracks to help you avoid roof leaks.
  • Our roofing specialists will inspect missing or loose caulking and all flashings.
  • Fox Metal Roofing will inspect your roof for animal intrusion that can cause severe damage to your property by causing a leak, creating biohazard with their waste or chewing wiring.
  • Our team will remove debris from your roof, gutters and valleys, including leaves and sticks. This debris can create a dam and lead to water backing up under your shingles and leaks.

If you need world-class repair maintenance services in Perth, WA to keep your business safe throughout the year, contact us today for an obligation-free quote.

We’re Trusted by Big Names & Comfortable With Any Sized Project

20 Years Real Roofing Experiences

More than 20 year experience in all forms of residential, commercial and residential roofing.


We all have the tickets required for high-quality metal roofing, Perth.

Full Compliant P/L Company

FMR is a P/L Company

Comfortable with Any Sized Project

No matter what size, pitch, scale or location - we have the expertise needed for your roofing needs.



We hold all relevant insurances needed to carry out all metal roofing services.

Streamlined Roofing Methods

Streamlined, time-tested, best practice solutions and outcomes for your business.

Consistently Delivering On-Time & On Budget

We service Perth Commercial & Industrial Sites, Refineries, Mines as well as other Heavy Industry & Industrial Locations requiring efficiency, safety & familiarity at High Risk Sites.

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