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Ensuring Excellence In Metal Roofing Each & Every Time.


Streamlined methods to ensure every roofing product delivered is completely & routinely in line with Australian Standards as outlined in AS 1562.1 and HB 39, ensuring roofing excellence each and every time.

Commercial and Industrial Roof Maintenance

Need a reputable company that offers commercial and industrial roof maintenance services in Perth? Fox Metal Roofing is your go-to option.

Regular commercial and industrial roof maintenance protects your roof against the weather and extends its life expectancy. It also saves you lots of money and keeps your employees safe. Fox Metal Roofing offers commercial and industrial maintenance in Perth.

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Reliable Commercial Roof Maintenance

We have more than two decades of commercial roof maintenance experience and provide the best customer service.

It’s essential to have proper commercial roof maintenance. Commercial roofs are often exposed to adverse weather and natural elements that contribute to deterioration and decay. In turn, this increases the risk of damage to your roof and the contents beneath it.

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Commercial Roof Repairs in Perth

We are committed to serving our customers with excellence and keeping your commercial roof safe.

A safe and well-maintained roof will aesthetically enhance your building, reduce energy costs and save you money. A range of problems can plague the health of commercial roofs. This can include gaps in flashing, blisters and standing water and intrusion. That’s where Fox Metal Roofing comes in: Our team specializes in commercial roof repairs in Perth and the surrounding areas.

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Commercial Roof Replacement Perth

We offer replacements that will enhance the weather-resistance of your commercial roof.

Over time, you may need to replace your commercial roof. Many roofs can develop problems if they were not properly installed or manufactured. Adverse weather conditions can also damage your commercial roof. If you notice your commercial roof is damaged and needs replacement, you should call Fox Meta Roofing.

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We Have All The Tickets Required For High Quality Metal Roofing, Perth.

Including: EWP, Heights, Asbestos Removal (bonded) and I have all the safety equipment (Harness, Lanyards, Safety Ropes and Temp. Anchors) as well as our tools are also correctly and regularly tagged.


We Hold All Relevant Insurances Needed To Carry Out All Metal Roofing Services.

For instance: Workers’ Compensation Insurance & Public Liability Insurance, covering all bases for all parties in the case of any injury or accident.

Fully Compliant P/L Company

Fox Metal Roofing Is A P/L Company.

Rest assured in the knowledge that when it comes to tax time, we are fully compliant sub-contractors.

We make it easy with our high quality, stress free metal roofing services.

Comfortable With Any Sized Project

No Matter What Size, Pitch, Scale Or Location – We Have The Expertise Needed For You Roofing Needs.

We have worked on 100m2 house roofs and have successfully re-roofed a 60,000m2 asbestos roof. No job is out of our league. We have no issue with size, pitch, scale, location or any aspect of any Metal Roofing job.

20 Years Real Roofing Experience

More Than 20 Year Experience In All Forms Of Residential, Commercial & Residential Roofing.

Highly proficient in all forms of residential, commercial and industrial roofing, all over Australia, New Zealand and America, since 1997.

Streamlined Roofing Methods

Our Roofs Look Fantastic & Will Not Leak.

More than 20 years experience has enabled me to streamline my methods, ensuring every roofing product I deliver is completely in line with Australian Standards, as outlined in AS 1562.1 and HB 39. From rivet spacing through to box gutter fall, downpipe offsets to mansard curves, we are knowledgeable of the requirements and we deliver.

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Satisfied Perth Customers

We are extremely pleased…

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to Jay and his team for the extremely professional way in which everyone worked together to deliver not one but two new roofs for us! We were kept well informed throughout the process, from the first quotation meeting to the final building inspections. We are extremely pleased with the results. It certainly achieved the outcomes we wanted.

We now have roofs that look like they have always been Colorbond, with colours that complement the brick walls and blend in with our bush gardens.

– Su and Kevin